MITでの研究職を経て2004年に帰国。フリーのライターとしてJazzNin、ジャズ批評、Piano Lifeなどに連載やインタビュー記事を英語と日本語で執筆。




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Chitra Yamada is a bilingual writer based in Tokyo, Japan.

Chitra was born and raised mostly in Tokyo except for three formative years in Los Angeles. She graduated from Cornell University with a BA (Magna Cum Laude) in Asian Studies, and went on to receive a Masters in City Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

While in graduate school, Chitra contributed music and theater reviews to The MIT Tech and LokVani. She was also actively involved in the performing arts scene of Boston, linking destinies with the South Asian American Theater troupe and, much later, the Asian American Theater Collaborative.

Upon returning to Japan in 2004, Chitra started writing for JazzNin as a bilingual contributor and interviewer; she also wrote reviews and articles for Jazz Hihyo and Piano Life magazines.

After a brief hiatus, Chitra returned to her writing career in 2016 and have since been writing for Discovery Channel Japan, Gizmodo Japan and Lifehacker Japan among others.

Aside from writing, Chitra enjoys reading, going to the movies and theatre, and yoga. She has been trying her (small) hands at playing the electric bass with minimal success. She is the blessed mother of two wonderful children.